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Group Coaching

What is group coaching and why should you consider it?

Group coaching is a facilitative process that uses the resources and knowledge of a group of people working on a common topic but with different individual goals. Unlike team coaching, group coaching is a form of leadership development where people don’t need to achieve a common goal, instead in group coaching there is a common theme or skill that everyone wants to develop together. The difference between group coaching and the team coaching style is that a team is defined as a group of people who share a common goal, work together on the same project, are co-interdependent and have the same objectives whereas in group coaching is a group of individuals

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CliftonStrengths Coaching

5 Ways CliftonStrengths Coaching Can Help You Achieve Success

If you’re looking to improve your productivity, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction in your work, consider taking the CliftonStrengths assessment. This quick and easy online quiz can help you identify your top strengths and put them to use in your everyday life. With over 34 themes, you’re sure to discover your unique talents. And with CliftonStrengths coaching, you can be confident that you’re getting the support you need to develop your strengths. So why wait? Take the assessment today and start living your best life! CliftonStrengths coaching can help you: – Develop your strengths – Improve productivity – Increase engagement in work What is CliftonStrengths coaching? CliftonStrengths coaching is a form of strengths-based

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A team coaching session in progress.

What Is The Difference Between Group Coaching And Team Coaching?

While there are certainly similarities between group coaching and team coaching, there are also some fundamental differences, both in terms of the skill set required for facilitating the coaching, and the results the coaching program is designed to produce. However, since group coaching and team coaching sound the same, we find that the differences between team and group coaches are often confusing, and clients are unsure which approach they should invest in.  The Biggest Differences Between Team and Group Coaching The biggest difference between group and team coaching is that group coaching is a facilitation process that uses the resources and knowledge of a group of people working on a common theme

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