Find your potential.
Maximize your life.

Have the insight that would lead to a career where you could be the best version of yourself.

A system that helps you
define what you
love to do, everyday.

Hope & direction for the future.

Have guidance before taking a new career path.

Developing leadership skills.

Increased wellbeing and student retention.

What if you had a Dashboard that pointed you to your success?

What if the University drop-out rate had nothing to do with a lack of skill or ability, but had everything to do with unique talent being neglected? What if student retention and engagement had everything to do with a meaningful alignment with their strengths and day to day activities? Now, what if you had a dashboard that could point you to your unique strengths and show you your path to success?


Hi, I'm Derek Gross

I have a passion to see learners and students reach the success they know they can achieve.

There is a strategy for every student to reach the fullest potential they can be. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach™, I help learners and students to focus on their strengths to produce a near-perfect performance in what they do; consistently. 

As a certified Professional Business Coach from the Gordon Institute for Business Science, I thrive on co-creating strengths based strategies with my clients. Strategies that lead to more engagement, higher productivity, and greater success as they muster their unique talents in brilliant new ways.