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How do you define success?

One of the most surprising things about CliftonStrengths is the discovery that everyone
defines success in a very definite and unique way. We categorise the 34 CliftonStrengths in four domains
namely as Relationship building, Executing, Influencing and Strategic domains.
How do you define success? What is the domain that excites you most?

Relationship Building

Those that have dominant Relationship Building themes are committed to friendships and the cohesion in teams. Invaluable to the social fabric they turn many parts into something greater than one individual could be.


Look for those within the Influencing domain to spread important ideas outside of your circle. They take command and take charge to get to a broader audience and higher impact.

Strategic Thinking

To analyse information constantly and to encourage better decision making is what drives those who have Strategic Thinking as a domain. They give clarity where it matters and inspire to aim towards the future.


The Executing domain, is the domain of getting things done. When the team relies on someone to pull a project through they will rely on them. Working on projects exhilarates them, they love to navigate through the work and turn ideas in reality.

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